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The plan covers a wide range of topics including housing, transportation, economic development, land use and zoning, open space, natural resources, and municipal services. Comprehensive planning is a process that determines community goals and aspirations in terms of community development. The outcome of this process is the Comprehensive Plan which dictates public policy in terms of transportation, utilities, land use, recreation, and housing. Comprehensive plans typically encompass large geographical areas, a broad range of topics, and cover a long-term time horizon.

Comprehensive Planning Award APA-MA

Planning Board Adopts “A Blueprint for Brockton” – August 3, 2017

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Department of Planning & Economic Development

The Department of Planning and Economic Development is the lead agency responsible for all phases of planning in the city of Brockton and assists the Mayor and the City Council with public policy information and analysis.

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Project Team

Contact List and Social Media Profiles

Rob May

Director of Planning and Economic Development
Rob owns a house near the Montello Commuter Rail Station and is raising chickens in his backyard. Rob previously worked for the City of Somerville, MA as Director of Economic Development.

Shane O’Brien

Staff Planner
Formerly of Taunton, MA, Shane ventured up North to be part of the Brockton Planning Team. Shane had previously worked in Newport, RI and graduated from UMass-Amherst with a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Design.

Leadership Team Members

Co-chair 1 – Rob May
Co-chair 2 – David Wheeler
Ward 2 Council Advocate-Melissa Rodriguez
Ward 5 Council Advocate-Linda Perogilione
Ward 6 Council Advocate – Steve Lally
Ward 7 Council Advocate-Patricia Riley
At-large 1 – Barnes -Council Advocate – Lucia Cerci
At-large 2 – Farwell -Council Advocate – Charles H. Tartaglia
At-large 3 – Rodrigues – Council Advocate – Manny Centeio
Senior Advocate – Dotty Slack
Youth Advocate -Kenny Monteiro
Minority Community Advocate – Stephen Bernard
Immigrant Community Advocate – Adriano Cabral
Housing Element Advocate 1 – Tom Plouffe
Housing Element Advocate 2 – Lynn Morrissey
Economic Development Element Advocate 1 – Brian Droukas
Economic Development Element Advocate 2 – Mary Waldron
Natural and Cultural Resources Advocate- Arnie Danielson
Open Space and Recreation Advocate – Robert X. Jenkins
Transportation and Circulation Advocate 1 – Jimmy Pereira
Transportation and Circulation Advocate 2 -Kelly Forrester

Comprehensive Plan Advisory Team Structure and Roles


Advisory Team members help shape the direction of the Comprehensive Plan by reviewing and commenting on document drafts and convening the Geographic Listening Sessions. This includes outreach tofellow residents of Brockton as well as other stakeholders. We wanted to make sure everyone’s individual voice is heard. Team members also communicate the progress of the planning process with elected officials.

Some Team members have been identified as Advocates for specific groups. They are responsible for conducting outreach to their advocacy group and organizing participation.


The Elements (or chapters) of the Plan are the specific requirement by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

These include:

Land Use and Zoning

Economic Development


Open Space and Recreation

Natural and Cultural Resources

Services and Facilities

Infrastructure and Utilities


The information collected in the Listening Sessions fed into the Element Workshops which are implemented into the Plan Elements.

Other Team members are associated with particular Elements of the Plan. They are responsible for
conducting outreach to their respective element group. Element Representatives help City Staff in their respective fields.

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