May 3, 2017

“A Blueprint for Brockton” – Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Master Plan (46 pages)

This Comprehensive Master Plan presents the core vision, objectives, and goals for the future.
This document includes concise summaries of the eight different elements and the keys to their

Master Plan Elements (244 pages)

This Master Plan Elements document presents all the components of A Blueprint for
Brockton. These elements correspond to important dimensions of the community.
These eight elements also correspond to the topics which are required for municipal
comprehensive master plans within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts under
State law. The document includes a chapter on Implementation and also Information
Resources with helpful references for future planning.

A Blueprint for Brockton: Plan Record

The Plan Record contains descriptions and results of the community participation process that
was an essential ingredient in preparing A Blueprint for Brockton. The Plan Record is available
here on this website in a compiled digital format to facilitate review and reference due to its size.


Implementation Matrix

The Implementation section is an extremely important part of the Comprehensive
Master Plan as it outlines the steps the community can take to move toward its Vision
for Brockton. The matrix below provides action items to reach the community’s goals
and Vision for the city’s future, lists implementation actions, and assigns responsibility
for the implementation actions to parties or organizations. The matrix also includes
suggestions of potential resources to fund these measures and suggests a timeline for
their implementation.


Draft Master Plan Presentation Public Meeting May 2017

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