Plan Record – A Blueprint for Brockton
May 10, 2017

Plan Record

This is the Plan Record  associated with A Blueprint for Brockton: Comprehensive Master Plan. It is a record of the community participation process that was central to the entire planning effort. The Plan Record consists of presentations used for a variety of meetings and workshops. The Plan Record also includes presentations and memoranda that summarize the results of community surveys and discussions that took place.

The Plan Record, contains descriptions and results of the community participation process that was an essential ingredient in preparing A Blueprint for Brockton. The Plan Record is available in a compiled digital format to facilitate review and reference.


The contents of the Plan Record are grouped according to the categories noted below. They are numbered sequentially to facilitate access and reference.

A. Listening Meeting Summary and Presentations

The community engagement process began with a sequence of meetings to gather community ideas and concerns about the future of Brockton. These “listening tours” were undertaken by the City staff and planning consultants. Eight meetings were conducted in locations across Brockton.

Documents associated with these meetings include:

  1. Listening Meeting Summary and Presentations

  2. Presentation – Listening Meeting 1

  3. Presentation – Listening Meeting 2 and 4

  4. Presentation – Listening Meeting 3

  5. Presentation – Senior Center Listening Meeting

  6. Presentation – Youth Listenting Meeting

B. Visual Preference Survey Summary and Results

Early in the process, an on-line survey was conducted to gauge community perceptions about the urban design in communities. The survey provided insights into participants’ preferences regarding the types of places, buildings and spaces that compose communities.

  1. Presentation – Visual Survey Results

C. Workshop Presentations and Summaries

Three public workshops were held to explore key planning topics in the fall of 2016. These well-attended meetings provided an opportunity for the participants to learn about key issues and provide input for each of the eight elements that compose the Comprehensive Master Plan. The first meeting was held on October 27, 2016, and the topics presented and discussed were natural and cultural resources, open space, and recreation. The second meeting took place on November 10, 2016, and the topics on the agenda were economic development and infrastructure. The last of the three meetings was held on December 15, 2016, and dealt with land use and zoning, transportation, housing, and services and facilities. Each of the meetings involved presentations about existing conditions, issues and opportunities, and possible recommendations for each respective element.

  1. Presentations – Elements Workshops All Meetings

  2. Elements Workshop Summary Oct 27 2016

  3. Elements Workshop Summary Nov 10 2016

  4. Elements Workshop Summary Dec 15 2016

D. Leadership Team Summary and Presentations

An important part of the community participation was a working committee that served as the Master Plan Leadership Team. Their charge was to shape the direction of the Comprehensive Master Plan, as well as to review and provide input as the Plan was being developed. Several of the presentations and results of their discussions are provided, including:

  1. Leadership Team Priority Survey Results

  2. Presentation – Leadership Team Meeting May 12 2016

  3. Presentation – Leadership Team Meeting Sept 15 2016

  4. Presentation – Leadership Team Meeting Jan 18 2017

E. Draft Master Plan Presentation

The Draft Master Plan was the focus on a public meeting on May 5, 2017. This is the presentation from that meeting.

  1. Draft Master Plan Presentation Public Meeting May 2017

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