Vision Statement (Visión, Vizyon, Visão) – A Blueprint for Brockton
April 13, 2017

Vision Statement (Visión, Vizyon, Visão)

A vision statement describes a community’s values and aspirations and a shared image of what they want their community to become over the next 10 to 20 years in the future. The statement addresses aspects that make up a community such as the social, cultural and economic fabric. Taking the feedback from hundreds of people who have participated in both the Listening Sessions and Element Meetings we have drafted the following vision statement for your consideration.

Vision Statement (English)

Declaración de la Visión (español)

Deklarasyon Vizyon (kreyòl)

Declaração de Visão (Kriolu)


Brockton will be valued and increasingly recognized by everyone as a high quality and affordable place to live, work, or visit because it offers all dimensions of a 21st century city. Its acknowledged quality of life will be linked to the character of our neighborhoods and the complete range of services, amenities and housing choices geared to our residents. Our prosperity will grow with the new businesses and land redevelopment attracted by the benefits of a community offering both urban and neighborhood residential districts that are exceedingly well connected to the region through our transit and roadway access. As a 21st-century city, we will build on our historic resources and character, but become a leader in the emerging trend that values innovative use of land, mixing of uses, and provision of services, within attractive walkable districts.

Restored Land Use Balance – Attract and focus new mixed-use and commercial development in areas that complement, preserve and enhance stable neighborhoods and their high quality community life.

A Great Community for the Middle Class – Focus City actions to retain our middle class residents, retrain those that need to adapt to changing economic circumstances, and recruit new residents and employers who will benefit from enhanced residential choices, services, amenities, and jobs in Brockton.

Geographic Equity – All areas in the City should be well served with the appropriate and excellent access to City services and amenities, convenient transportation access, and an efficient utility infrastructure.

Stewardship and Community – Brockton should attract and value the civic contributions of a growing circle of stewards who are engaged and committed to advancing our future, including individual citizens, organizations, neighborhood associations, institutions, and businesses.

Brockton should:

• Be a community with an economically strong, fully developed, mixed use Downtown and commercial districts fully adapted to the 21st century, connected by well-developed and designed corridors reaching into the neighborhoods and out to the region.

• Have stable and safe neighborhoods that offer the benefits of a high quality housing choices, an environment geared to families which provides easy access to the services and amenities that residents need.

• Be an incubator for new entrepreneurial businesses and job creation, while retaining our important existing base of businesses and employment through innovative changes to the commercial, industrial, and mixed-use areas of the City.

• Fully leverage our rail connections to invite Transit Oriented Development that will provide the benefits of housing and employment in compact areas around the stations.

• Provide increased housing choices for our residents including with range of types and densities suited to the changing needs of the middle class and its young adults, families, and residents who will age in place in Brockton.

Update and improve the municipal facilities including our schools that provide a key building block for the future of our children and our entire community.

• Provide a surprising range of cultural resources and events celebrating the diversity of our population and their interests.

• Have restored parks and expanded recreation facilities that increasingly attract and serve our residents because they are attractive places offering a range of activities.

• Provide convenient transportation choices that increasingly emphasizes transit, walking and bicycling while reducing unnecessary traffic congestion on our streets and roads.

Upgrade utilities to the stage for 21st century prosperity and efficiency, replacing outmoded and outdated components of our systems.

• Have a growing network of committees, organizations and City leadership working together to advance our community.

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